Competence and experience since 1999

Although we are a comparatively young company in our present-day form, the roots of our brands extend back to the beginnings of the 20th century. The Blancol brand was already entered in the Swiss brands register in 1908. The brands Neocid and Kik were developed and launched in the 1940s by Ciba Geigy. Pre-wash was the first stain remover in Switzerland in 1974 and for many housewives the innovation per se.

Since the establishment of Martec Trading Ltd. AG by Marcus Dietrich in 1999, however, we are not resting on the laurels of what we have achieved to date. On the contrary, we constantly strive to continue to stand out in the market niches that we serve through innovation, progress and quality and to increase the relevance towards all stakeholder groups. We want to establish ourselves as a leading company in the respective niches with our own labels and sales brands. Over the years, we have learned that retail is constantly undergoing permanent change and concepts have to be regularly reviewed, scrutinised and updated. Long-term and sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, brand owners and customers are the basis of the success for us.


History of Martec Trading Ltd.


Martec takes over the traditional brand Renuwell. For 50 years Renuwell has established itself in the niche of wood cleaning and care products in Switzerland and Germany and is today indispensable in the household as well as in the workshop for refreshing all furniture.


When routine becomes sensation, the innovation gets a name: bluu! With bluu, doing laundry is not only child’s play, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. No plastic, no carrying, no tedious dosing. You can find more information about bluu here.


We warmly welcome CLEAN KILL as a new distribution brand to the Martec family. CLEAN KILL stands for sustainable insect control and is fully biodegradable. Here you can learn more about the product range.


The pandemic year 2020 triggered a global crisis that hardly anyone had expected. In the spring, Martec Trading Ltd. was able to set up a disinfection range within a very short time, which is still very popular with our customers today. We thank you for your trust in this difficult but also turbulent time.


The brand portfolio is increased by the traditional brand Sherpa Tensing from Winterthur. Modern and individual websites are designed for the brands OptiPet, HEROPIC, pre-wash and Neocid.


Innovation meets tradition is the motto of the year 2018. The well-known brands pre-wash, BLANCOL and esama are being modernised and supplemented with self-developed product innovations. The new OptiPet brand is successfully launched in the Swiss retail business.


With the takeover of the company management by Nicolas Dietrich, the second generation joins the family-run business. The modernisation of the brand portfolio and of the organisation commences.


For the first time, the product range comprises more than 200 products that for the most part are still developed and produced in Switzerland. In addition to its own brands, Martec is increasingly also acting as a procurement partner for the private labels of renowned retailers.


Martec scores the next major coup with the acquisition of the insecticide brands Neocid, kik and HEROPIC from Reckitt Benckiser. The brands which are well-known and respected by all are given new life. Today, they are among the market leaders in Switzerland.


The diversification continues – with the newly developed brands martec Household and martec PET CARE, Martec is following the current market trends. For the first time, the product portfolio has more than 100 products.


The expansion of the brand portfolio commences with the acquisition of the washing powder brand esama from Unilever and the takeover of the exclusive distribution of ORPHEA® in Switzerland.


Visionary and entrepreneur Marcus Dietrich acquires the well-known Swiss brands pre-wash and BLANCOL and establishes Martec Handels AG with the goal of supplying attractive niche markets in the Swiss retail and specialist store segment with its own brands and products.