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Over the years, we have collected many useful tips & tricks from our own experiences and discussions with consumers and are providing them here for you. If you should, nevertheless, have questions or suggestions for us and you cannot find any information on these here, you may contact us at any time via chat, e-mail or telephone – we will be pleased to assist you further.


Can the pre-wash stain remover also be used on wool and silk?

No, the pre-wash stain removed (aerosol, spray bottle and refill) is not recommended for wool, silk, rubberised materials and special equipment. The use of pre-wash gall soap (bar or liquid) or treatment with pre-wash OXI power is recommended for this. The pre-wash hygiene rinser sensitive can also easily be used when items of clothing made of wool or silk are washed.

Can the pre-wash stain remover also be used on linen?

This is not a problem if the item of clothing is deemed to be “washable”. With coloured linens, test on an inconspicuous place beforehand.

Why should the pre-wash aerosol can not be held at an angle of more than 45°?

If the can is held horizontally or even over your head, the propellant escapes too quickly which results in it not being fully emptied.

Is there a pre-wash product that prevents discolorations?

Yes, pre-wash OXI COLOR removes stubborn stains and grey film. The integrated colour protection also prevents discolorations. Colour collector sheets are thus no longer required.

Can pre-wash OXI WHITE also be added directly to the wash?

No, the pre-wash OXI WHITE powder should be added to the washing powder as a laundry performance enhancer for the main wash cycle or pre-wash cycle. Or it is used as a soaking agent before the wash cycle.

Can the pre-wash hygiene rinser sensitive also be used for babies' and children's washing?

The pre-wash hygiene rinser sensitive is ideally suitable for babies’ and children’s washing. The product does not include either colourings or fragrances and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Does the pre-wash hygiene rinser also work against fleas and lice?

No, the pre-wash hygiene rinser only works against fungi and bacteria that would survive at wash temperatures of up to 60°C without the use of the hygiene rinser.

Does pre-wash OXI power contain Javel?

No, pre-wash OXI power is without Javel and removes stains without affecting the colour or material, even on wool and silk.

Does the pre-wash stain remover contain chlorine?

No, the pre-wash stain remover (aerosol, spray bottle and refill) does not contain any chlorine.

Why can it be in rare cases that the area treated is lighter than before after treatment with pre-wash stain remover?

pre-wash stain remover does not contain any bleaching agent! However, in actual fact, the contamination on the treated area is removed without residue by the treatment with the pre-wash stain remover, i.e. the original colour of the item of laundry is restored. Through air contamination such as dust, soot, exhaust gases, etc., tissues become grey over time and light materials gradually become darker, without us noticing it. The original colour is restored to the item of laundry when you spray it all over with the pre-wash stain remover and wash it again. The last residues of dirt will then also disappear.

The item of clothing has rings after it has been treated with the pre-wash stain remover. How can this be eliminated?

If rings are formed, spray the entire item of laundry or whole parts of it again, leave it rolled up for approx. 30 minutes, wash and rinse well.

Can the hardness of the water influence the stain removal result?

Yes, the hardness of the water can influence the stain removal result. The washing power additive may have to be increased or even a water softener added to treat very stubborn dried stains.


Can esama also be used for coloured curtains?

Yes, the esama Wash and the esama Care can be used for both white and coloured curtains.

My curtains may not be washed in the washing machine. Can I use esama nevertheless?

Yes, the esama Wash as well as the Care can also be used as a “hand wash”.

esama Curtain Care is added to the last rinsing cycle. What does that mean exactly?

esama Curtain Care is very simply added to the fabric softener compartment in the washing machine before the start of the wash.

Are the products biodegradable?

Yes, both products are biodegradable pursuant to the OECD.

Can net curtains also be washed with esama Wash?

Yes, but the dosage should be slightly reduced.

Can esama Wash also be used for other textiles?

Like any other mild detergent, esama Wash can also be used for other textiles. Also for wool and silk.

Can heavily contaminated curtains be washed at a higher temperature?

Depending on what the textile symbol on your curtains states. As a fundamental rule, however, curtains should not be washed at a temperature higher than 40° C and powerful spinning should be avoided.

martec Household

Is the chlorine smell of the martec Household Mould Remover with chlorine dangerous/harmful for children?

As a fundamental rule, the typical chlorine smell is already perceived very intensively by the human nose at a low concentration. It is to be assumed that no increased risk to health exists when it is used appropriately and correctly (according to the label). It is important to air the room well during and/or after use until the chlorine smell is no longer perceptible.

The martec Mould Remover without chlorine contains the active substance chloride - why is this still described as "chlorine-free".

The substance “chlorine” and the compound “chloride” are both attributable to the element “chlorine” but have very different characteristics. Chlorides are usually harmless compounds, e.g. sodium chloride (cooking salt), chlorine as a substance is highly reactive and thus not comparable to chlorides. The fact that both names come from a similar word cannot be transferred to the intrinsic characteristics.

Can the martec organic plaster stone also be sued for corian material?

Yes – if the sponge is sufficiently moistened and foam is created when it is pressed together, corian can be cleaned with the martec organic plaster stone. There should always be sufficient foam in the sponge and it may not be tightly pressed?

Is the martec Bio Universal cleaner stone food-safe?

The martec Bio Universal cleaner stone has a so-called “OÉTI Food Contact Test” (which unfortunately is only available to us in Hungarian). This means that the plaster stone is suitable for cleaning crockery, hotplates or washing machines in the food industry.

It is possible to also clean window frames made of PVC with the martec Bio Universal cleaner stone?

When the sponge of the Universal cleaner is sufficiently foamy using water and paste (cleaning block), PVC window frames that are not painted can also be cleaned.

Can this product also be used for a garden pool? The pool is made of plastic and is approx. 5 x 8 metres in size. Would the universal lime dissolver not be the better solution for this case?

The lime and urine scale remover can fundamentally be used for the de-limescaling of a garden pool. However, it must be applied correctly and carefully. Above all, it may only be used in diluted form and may not come into contact with surfaces sensitive to acid and with fittings made of metal. Please be sure to note the information from the pool manufacturer.

It depends on how heavy the contaminations are. The universal lime dissolver could be sufficient with heavy limescaling.

Do you have to wear gloves when using martec Bio Universal cleaner if you tend to have sensitive hands?

Our cleaning block is dermatologically tested. Side effects are always possible; particular with eczemas, we recommend wearing suitable gloves, despite everything. The cleaning stone contains soap, which is why it can dry out the skin. With normal skin, this is definitely not a problem; with very sensitive skin, however, it is advisable to wear gloves.

Is a full wash programme at 30 degrees really sufficient for an optimum impregnation, even if the material can be washed at a higher temperature?

The recommendation of 30 °C is because many textiles that are to be impregnated (e.g. outdoor clothing) can often only be washed at 30 °C. At this temperature, you will get a proven good impregnation. Of course, you can also impregnate at 40 °C or 60 °C with this product if these temperatures are envisaged by the textile manufacturer. The impregnation effect is even slightly enhanced at higher temperatures.

Does the item of clothing have to be washed again after impregnation in order to avoid residues of the impregnation agent causing any skin allergies?

No. The formulation of the impregnation agent is based on years of experience and has not received any negative feedback to date. The active substances contained in this formulation do not contain any known raw materials that trigger allergies.

Can an item of clothing also be impregnated when it is wet?

Yes, but it has to be ensured beforehand that this is thoroughly washed out to ensure that there are no residues of washing powder on the item of clothing. The item of clothing can then be treated with a hand wash or in the washing machine.

Does the repellent spray also keep foxes away?

No, the spray is not suitable for keeping foxes away.

Can we also spray the repellent spray around the guinea pig cage? Do the rodents also react to the scent, or only cats?

As guinea pigs belong to the rodent species – and we have always achieved a good effect among the various rodent species tested up to now – we advise not using the product in the direct vicinity of the guinea pigs.

Is the spray insensitive to temperature? Does the spray also work in rain or snow?

The product is fundamentally also effective at low temperatures.
Of course, however, the ambient temperature has an influence on the volatility of the active substances that the spray contains, i.e. at lower temperatures, less active substance enters the gas phase in the same time as at a higher temperature. Unfortunately, there are no scientific insights that influence the use under certain temperatures. A melting or freezing point has not been determined.

As a general rule, it is recommended repeating the treatment after relevant contact of the treated surfaces with water.
This is because it cannot be ruled out that the quantity of active substance required to be effective was washed out in part or in its entirety.

martec Pet Care

Is martec Pet Care Insecticide Spray also suitable for chickens?

There are two reports against the red bird mite, but in a concentration of 0.3%.
These state that the product (with 0.3%) works against mites – also against mites other than bird mites.
However, we do not know whether a budgerigar e.g. reacts in an allergic manner to the use of a geraniol spray; unfortunately, there are no tox data for birds and the use of geraniol. It therefore remains in the realm of speculation.
We can therefore only advise telling the customer that an efficacy is to be assumed – but use can only be done at their own risk and in compliance with the care required when using a biocide product.

Can the martec Pet Care Insecticide Spray also be used during pregnancy?

No tests have been conducted on its use in pregnancy. We recommend not using the spray.

From what age can the martec Pet Care Drop On and the martec Pet Care fleece collars be used on an animal?

The martec Pet Care Drop Ons can be used on cats from an age of 12 weeks and on dogs from an age of 2 weeks. Fleece collars can only be used from the 12th week.

Does the active substance of the martec Pet Care insecticide collar penetrate into the bloodstream via the skin or does it stay on the surface (fur)?

The active substance is spread over the skin / layer of fat and in principle does not penetrate into the bloodstream.

Can the martec Pet Care Shampoo Antiparasite also be used on cats?

Theoretically, the Antiparasite Shampoo can also be used on cats. However, as cats do not like being soaped up and rinsed off, we recommend the use of anti-parasite sprays or the anti-parasite drops or drop on.

Can a pregnant cat wear the martec Pet Care insecticide collar or are side effects to be expected? Would it be recommended not to allow the cat to wear an insecticide collar during the pregnancy?

We recommend that the cat does not wear the collar during pregnancy or when heavily pregnant.

Can martec Pet Care Drop On also be used on nursing pets?

It is advised against using the Drop On during this time.

Can the martec Pet Care Shampoo Antiparasite be used on puppies?

As a fundamental rule the shampoo can be used on puppies from the age of 12 weeks, but the dosage should be lower.


Can the Tierfee glass cleaner also be used for terraria with lizards or snakes?

The Tierfee glass cleaner can indeed be used to clean terraria.
These are plant-based cleaning tensides. There is also some alcohol in the glass cleaner for preservation and improved cleaning, but this immediately dissipates after cleaning.
That is why you should wait until the glass surface is well dry again before any contact with the animals.

There is the warning on the bottle with regard to irritation of the eyes; are cats or dogs also affected by it when they walk over the floor and then clean their face?

The warning is stipulated by law and only applies for the “concentrate”. As soon as it is diluted in the water or on the floor, there is no risk or concerns!
So only make sure you do not get the concentrate in your eyes.

Hund & Herrchen

Are all the components/elements in the dog shampoo from Hund + Herrchen really organic? Or are only the components "organic" that are mentioned on the flyer as being organic?

Only the substances marked as organic are also organic.


Can CSI URINE® be used on down?

The following is recommended:
• Spray/soak duvet with the CSI URINE®
• Allow to soak for a few hours
• (Cold) wash in the washing machine with the entire content of CSI URINE®
(duvets act like a wick, moisture spreads quickly)

Can the CSI URINE® products also be used on parquet?

The agent is water-based and is not oil-based. Parquet floorings consists of many pieces of wood. Wood can absorb water and can swell up – if it has not been sealed. If the customer has already cleaned the wooden flooring with a water-based cleaner before, there should be no problems with the spraying of CSI URINE® on the patch of urine. At any rate, the customer should take care – he or she should try beforehand to soak up and wipe away as much of the urine with a paper towel; then spray with the CSI URINE® and allow to dry.


Do the brushes cause acne?

No, our silicone and the paints are 100% allergy-free. Our material purchasing is permanently confirmed with FDA certificates
So that the hygiene (has nothing to do with the material) can also be kept at a high level during daily use, our brush can be washed at 120°!!!
Washing at 80° at least gives the user the possibility of protecting himself/herself well against an animal/human transmission.


How long does starch paste need to dry for?

The time required for drying depends on the climate (temperature and humidity) and on the base. One day should be planned as the minimum time for drying.

Can the starch paste be used for non-woven wallpaper?

Yes, the Blancol paste is also already used by other companies for the bonding of wallpapers. This works superbly.


How do I use kik Mosquito or Tick Repellent correctly?

  • As the insects can detect even the smallest untreated skin area, always apply kik mosquito or tick repellent evenly and completely according to the instructions for use.
  • Always apply kik mosquito or tick repellent as the last step, after the sun cream and cosmetics. It is recommended to use the product under thinner clothes, as mosquitoes can bite through thin fabrics.
  • Re-apply after swimming, as kik mosquito and tick repellent isn’t water-proofed. Sweating and high air humidity can reduce the duration of the protection time. Re-apply if necessary.

Is kik suitable for kids?

  • Yes, kik ACTIV can be used with children of 2 years. Always apply the pruduct according to the instructions.
  • kik NATURE Mosquito Repellent Milk, Kik NATURE Mosquito Repellent Lotion and kik NATURE Tick Repellent Milk can be used for children of the age of 1.
  • kik Disco-Click can be used for children of the age of 1.

Can I use kik ACTIV if I got sunburnt?

No, as sun burned skin must heal first before cosmetic products are applied to the skin. In this case we recommend to protect the damaged skin with clothes.

How do I remove a tick?

The tick should be removed as soon as possible with a tick card or with a thin pair of tweezers directly over the skin and with a continuous pull. Do not crush the tick while pulling it out! For more detailed information you can follow this link.

Why must a tick be removed as early as possible?

The ticks are to be removed as early as possible as they can transmit diseases. The most important ones are the pathogens of lyme disease (bacteria) and tick-borne encephalitis (viruses).

    • The longer the suction lasts, the more likely is a transmission of pathogens.
    • On average, an infection with Lyme disease bacteria takes 12-24 hours.
    • The transmission of TBE viruses, however, begins immediately after the tick bite.

How do I protect myself from ticks?

  • Application of an effective Tick Repellent (e.g. kik Tick NATURE Repellent)
  • Solid shoes and body-covering, fitting clothes.
  • Avoid bushes, high gras and shrubs
  • Systematically search your body for ticks after a stay outdoors.

How does the Disco-Click work exactly?

The kik NATURE Disco-Click generates pressure on quartz crystals that transmit a small electric shock with high voltage and low electricity (discharge voltage of approx. 14 kV (without charging current)). The impulses (approx. 0.01 ms) interrupt the body’s production of histamine. This alleviates the swelling and the itching entirely without any chemical active substance.

Does kik ACTIV also work against sandflies?

In principle, yes, because the organism of sandflies is like that of mosquitoes. However, sandflies have not been explicitly tested. kik ACTIV has a repellent/protective effect against all insects.

Does kik NATURE also work against tiger mosquitoes?

The efficacy of kik ACTIV has been tested on three different species of mosquitoes, including also on the mosquito species Aedes Aegypti (also called yellow fever mosquito or tiger mosquito), which is indigenous to the tropics and subtropics. On average, kik ACTIV works against this type of mosquito for 5.5 hours. kik ACTIV bears the seal of quality from the Swiss Tropical Institute.

The kik NATURE products were not specifically tested on Aedes Aegypti, which does not automatically mean that they do not work. Due to the properties of the natural active substance PMD used in kik ACTIV, however, it is to be assumed that the duration of protection is not as long. For a stay in the tropics, kik only recommends the use of kik ACTIV.

In general, we would like to remind you that no mosquito repellent can offer complete protection against mosquitoes and we refer to the corresponding recommendations of the Swiss Tropical Institute and to our information on the packaging and on the website of kik.

Can kik NATURE be used during pregnancy?

There are no insights that argue against use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding. Treated areas of the skin are to be cleaned thoroughly before breastfeeding.


If the cat licks the ORPHEA® moth protection spray off the clothes, is this poisonous for the animal?

No, that is not harmful. The cat would have to drink directly from the bottle for poisoning to be a problem at any time. But just licking a bit off the clothes is not a problem.

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