Special stain remover for various textiles

Until 1974, the Swiss housewife could only either wash or get rid of stains with commerically available powders. The idea to use a pre-wash spray to do both in one step, which is common today, was introduced under the brand pre-wash after a very successfully market test with 300 households in Switzerland. Back then the product was still called «dirt and stain remover in the form of a liquid soap in an aerosol can».

Over the next 40 years, the products and formulations have been continually adapted and opitimized to technical progress. After all, stains are not just stains and laundry is not just laundry. However, pre-wash has remained faithful to its claim to make stain removal as simple and efficient as possible until this day. Even today we work every day to be able to offer the perfect product for every stain – with Swiss commitment and precision.

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