Sustainable insect control for preventive application

CLEAN KILL is the solution for sustainable insect control. Because insects belong to nature and not in the house; that is also the guiding principle. Our entire ecosystem with flora and fauna would not function without insects. They are useful for plant pollination, for regulating pests and as food for numerous other animals. In nature, insects have many important functions and simply belong. In the home or immediately around the house, however, insects are often a nuisance. They disturb the well-being, damage the furnishings or spoil food. In addition, they can trigger phobias or cause serious health problems for allergy sufferers.

For all these reasons, we would like to control the occurrence of insects and spiders in the home environment without indiscriminately exterminating insects. Preventive use of CLEAN KILL every 4 to 6 weeks will help to avoid decimating insects unnecessarily or beyond a required minimum. This allows you to fulfill your need for a living environment free of creepy crawlies without worry. The application of CLEAN KILL is also climate neutral and harmless to humans and warm-blooded pets. The products are biodegradable and are manufactured in Switzerland.

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