Natural moth repellent that protects your clothes

When Johann Heinrich, a Swiss inventor, traveled through various Swiss cantons in the 1920s, he collected a wide variety of herbs, plants and flowers to develop the first ORPHEA moth repellent. Today, ORPHEA products are still developed and produced in Switzerland. In the last 15 years, ORPHEA with Martec Handels AG has become the leading brand in the field of natural moth protection in Switzerland.

The special story of ORPHEA starts in the 1920s when Johann Heinrich Bachmann, a Swiss inventor, began to collect recipes for effective natural remedies against insects. Thanks to his knowledge of herbs and plants, he created a complex formula containing over 400 elements extracted from plants and flowers able to protect wool garments naturally. In the mid-1960s, the invention was passed down to his daughter Sylvia. This is how a small-scale manual production unit got started before it was commercialised in the local Swiss market. The name ORPHEA refers to the Greek myth of Orpheus, the expressive figure of balance and musical harmony, as a metaphor for the pleasant natural fragrance of ORPHEA.

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