Reliable protection against mosquitoes & ticks since 1948

The story begins in the 1940s when a clever chemist at Ciba-Geigy (today known as Novartis) decided to develop the first insect repellent in Switzerland. The marketing and sales department were so enthusiastic about the invention that they decided to launch the product under the catchy name kik (kick the mosquitoes away). Soon after, kik became a loyal companion that protects the whole family from mosquitoes during the summer in Switzerland.

Today, kik is still being produced in Switzerland and offers the most comprehensive assortment on the market. In addition to the well-known light blue kik ACTIV, kik offers effective products to protect against mosquitoes and ticks on the basis of the leaves of the lemon-scented gum. The kik NATURE tick repellent was even voted Kassensturz test winner in 2015. The range is rounded off with various innovative products for the aftercare of insect bites. kik is the Swiss travel companion for you and your family.

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