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Insect research and nature conservation: Martec Handels AG is actively shaping the future!

Since 2018, Martec Handels AG has consistently set a strong example for environmental protection by supporting insect research projects at the ZHAW… read more

Martec Household: Fresh Look, Proven Quality!

Discover the outstanding performance of our cleaning and household products with a fresh, impactful look! Our new design not only emphasizes proven quality but also provides clear identification through… read more

Martec Plants Trees

In the spirit of sustainability, Martec Handels AG, in collaboration with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted, has planted 17,083 trees in Spain, England, Portugal, Denmark, and Romania… read more

Martec takes over the traditional Swiss brand RENUWELL.

Renuwell was founded in 1965 in a garage and the products were delivered to the post office by moped and trailer. The product Renuwell Furniture Regenerator, which gave birth to the company, was… read more

Large Tortoiseshell butterfly, observed in 2022 as part of the butterfly inventory of ZH

Sponsoring ZHAW: Enhancement of Forest Edges in Switzerland

Martec Handels AG has been supporting insect research projects at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) since 2018. Thanks to Martec’s sponsorship, the research group led by Jürg Schlegel was… read more

Neocid Verde - Der Schutz aus natürlichen ätherischen Ölen

Neocid Verde – Protection from natural essential oils

The latest development of Martec Handels AG is the Neocid Verde line. Thanks to a sophisticated combination of essential oils, annoying mosquitoes and insects are repelled. All products in the Neocid Verde family are free of insecticides and are family, pet and environmentally friendly. The products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are made from recycled and recyclable materials and packaging… read more

Sherpa Tensing™ and Sunfluencer Wendy

Wendy: “I perform at my best on the slopes – Sherpa Tensing™ in sun protection.”

Since this year, we are proud to have Wendy Holdener as brand ambassador of Sherpa Tensing™. Together with the successful Swiss skier and newly appointed “Sunfluencer”, we are launching two new products that perfectly meet the needs of sports enthusiasts… read more

Relaunch: NEOCID EXPERT in new design from 2022

Since 1942, NEOCID EXPERT has been protecting your home from pest infestations. For the 2022 season, the line gets a new look, fully adapted to consumer needs. The integrated mood images on the front of the packaging visualize a possible application environment, while the color scheme of the design is reminiscent of the previous layout. In addition, red pictograms communicate further interesting product characteristics. The focus of the layout is on the harmful organisms. This ensures that it is even easier for you as a consumer to find the right product.

NEW in our assortment: bluu washing strips

Tiresome dragging and disposal of large detergent bottles is now history. The bluu washing strips weigh 3 g, are practical and handy – a real washing sensation. With bluu you wash your laundry environmentally friendly and easier than ever, without overdosing and spilling. The washing strips are free of microplastics, dyes, optical brighteners, preservatives, bleach and animal ingredients. 100% biodegradable, skin-friendly and space-saving. Blue. Smart. Wow.

martec disinfectants limited virucidal PLUS

Our martec liquid disinfectants as well as disinfectant wipes (as single sachet and in MAXI packaging) are also effective against noro and adenoviruses, as proven by the latest tests.

For more product information, click on the following desired products: Disinfectant for hands (liquid), Disinfection wipes «to go», Disinfection wipes «MAXI», all products.

ORPHEA Novelties

Since many years ORPHEA protects your valuable clothes from moths with natural fragrances. For the 2021 season, the two products ORPHEA food moth trap and ORPHEA mite protection spray are launched. These novelties do not use chemical agents and complement the product line perfectly.

CLEAN KILL – sustainable pest control

With CLEAN KILL we enable you to control the occurrence of insects and spiders in the domestic environment without indiscriminately destroying insects. Preventive, regular use of CLEAN KILL helps to avoid unnecessary decimation of insects. So you can fulfill your need for a living environment free of creepy-crawlies without worry. Biodegradable, climate neutral and harmless to humans and warm-blooded pets. SWISS MADE.

Disinfection from martec medicare

The disinfectants from martec medicare offer many advantages. The self-developed formulation is effective against viruses (Corona, Noro, Adeno), bacteria as well as fungi and cares for the skin with aloe vera. The scent of martec medicare products is particularly pleasant and fresh. The innovative disinfection products from martec medicare are available as gel, spray or in a practical wipe format.

ORPHEA – the fragrance that protects in a new look

Since many years ORPHEA has been protecting your valuable clothes from damage caused by moths with different fragrances. In 2020, a new design was developed for the moth protection line, which now looks fresher and more modern. Despite the new look, the recognition value is guaranteed as well as the product quality.

GET OFF – the old-established repellent with a new look

The popular animal repellents from GET OFF get a fresh and modern design. Martec is the official distribution partner for the Swiss market since spring 2020. The special formulation of the products is harmless to the environment and animals. The pets are trained over a longer period of time to stay away from the treated area. The products are available in specialist zoo and garden shops.

Sponsoring ZHAW 2019 – butterfly inventory of the canton of Zurich

During the cantonal butterfly inventory, some municipalities of the canton of Zurich were already investigated in 2010/2011 with regard to their butterfly fauna. Due to the restricted public-sector funds available, however, it has not been possible to investigate many municipalities up to now. Thanks to the sponsoring by Martec Handels AG, it was possible in 2019 to incorporate the municipalities of Zollikon and Zumikon that had not been mapped up to then. The results can be found here.

Customs agreement Switzerland

In addition to the EFTA Convention and the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (EU), Switzerland currently has a network of 30 free trade agreements with 40 partners. The agreements are normally concluded within the parameter of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Nevertheless, does Switzerland also have the option of concluding free trade agreements outside EFTA, as in the case of Japan or China.

International competitive pressure

The appreciation of the Swiss franc against the euro and the rise of e-commerce have profoundly changed the competitive structure. Ten years ago, every third retailer had competitors from abroad, but today the figure is more than half. Every seventh retailer SME even claims to have competitors from China.

Survival of the fittest – Swiss retail trade in change

The retail trade comprises various consumer goods segments such as food, clothing, furniture, cosmetics, sports goods, toys or electronics, but also, in a broader sense, car dealerships, petrol stations and pharmacies. By definition, the retail trade is divided into stationary trade and online trade, with the online share accounting for around 7,5 percent of the total retail trade market in 2018.

BLANCOL – from the concept to the shelf

For many decades, the popular BLANCOL products such as starch paste and All Purpose adhesive have been found in many classrooms, stationeries and handicraft shops. Nevertheless, BLANCOL as a brand has become somewhat dusty over time, as little has been invested in the further development of the range and the brand in recent years. In 2016, Martec Handels AG decided to revive the oldest brand in its portfolio and revitalise its product range and brand image for the future.



The beautiful weather this year took a long time to come, but now summer is definitely around the corner. In order to get off to a good start and not get any nasty surprises, you should protect yourself well from the sun’s rays. This way the bathing experience remains a real pleasure for you and your family.

The silent death of insects

Insects are the most important pollinators of flowers and provide invaluable services for our agriculture and for the interaction of complex ecosystems. However, insect populations have been declining steadily for decades, which may pose a threat to the ecological balance in the future.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, good

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainable and fair products. This no longer only applies to food, but to consumer goods of all kinds. Martec Handels AG is in no way inferior to this change.

Start of the insect season

Temperatures are rising, spring is approaching and the insects are awakening from their winter rigidity. Arm yourself now against the pests and enjoy beautiful, insect-free spring and summer days afterwards.

Ornaris 2019 in Bern

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Ornaris in Bern from the 13th to the 15th of January 2019 in Hall 3.2, Stand G-22. We are pleased to present the new market appearance of the traditional Swiss adhesives brand BLANCOL with a completely new look and 18 innovations. With a total of almost 30 adhesive products, the BLANCOL range meets every imaginable handicraft wish – for limitless handicraft fun! Come by and take part in the BLANCOL competition – with a little luck you will win a complete BLANCOL display.


Revue of the year 2018

In many respects, the past year was an extremely exciting and thrilling year, peppered with challenges but also many successes. Brands that are steeped in tradition were rejuvenated. The range was supplemented by innovative own developments and distribution brands.

NEW: HEROPIC – Heroic Protection

The new HEROPIC line offers heroic protection against mosquitoes, ticks, horse flies and other annoying insects. NATURE products contain active ingredients that are also suitable for children, allergy sufferers and pregnant women. Good skin tolerance – dermatologically tested.

NEW: Professional barbecue equipment from McBrikett

Enjoy practical accessories in high quality from McBrikett!

5 important facts about the Zika virus

The number of reports about infections with the Zika virus are increasing these days – in Europe and Switzerland too. What is the Zika virus and what might be the consequences if you are infected with it? Which countries are associated with an increased risk of infection and how can I protect myself from the Zika virus? Here you can find the full article.

Excellent! WABEL Award 2016

Martec Trading Ltd. proudly announces the winning of the WABEL Award 2016 for most innovative insecticide brand. We like to thank our team for the hard work on the kik brand during the past years to make it one of the most competent insect repellents.

Fascinating science news

Technology and science have made it possible for us to view insects more closely and in previously unknown dimensions today. We would like to share two spectacular results from science with you.