esama wash Curtain detergent

Special detergent for gentle and thorough cleaning of white and coloured curtains made of synthetic, mixed fabric or cotton already from 20 °C. Removes stubborn dirt such as dust, grease, nicotine etc. Dissolves grey and yellow dirt. Can also be used as a mild detergent.

Special advantages
  • for bright white and fresh colours
  • can also be used as a mild detergent
  • deeply clean and gentle laundry
  • removes stubborn dirt as well as grey and yellow dirt
  • pleasantly fresh scent
  • well biodegradable
  • for 16 wash cycles
Application & Dosage

Hand wash: Insert curtains briefly, wash and rinse well. Hang wet and pull into shape. For normal soiling 50 ml in 10 l water, for heavy soiling 80 ml in 10 l water.

Machine wash: Follow the washing instructions on the curtains. Fill machine only loosely. Do not wash curtains above 40 °C and avoid heavy spinning. Swing on briefly, hang up immediately while still damp and bring into shape. For normal soiling 100 ml for a 4-5 kg machine wash, for heavy soiling 160 ml for a 4-5 kg machine wash.


After washing, treat the curtains with esama curtain care for a good finish, radiant white, fresh colours and protection against re-soiling. The esama Wash curtain detergent can also be used for textiles just like any other mild detergent. Check the colour fastness of coloured fabrics.

100% biodegradability according to OECD 302 B within 28 days.


1 l

Item no. | Pharmacode

Item no.: 33005
Pharmacode: 2422308