LITTER KWITTER Toilet Training System

LITTER KWITTER is a complete kit as toilet training for cats that will help you teach your cat to use the toilet – in just 3 easy steps! Bye litter box!

Special advantages
  • award-winning system
  • co-developed with veterinarians, ethologists and cat breeders
  • suitable for all cats

The award-winning LITTER KWITTER has been developed with veterinarians, ethologists and cat-breeders. The device works in 3 phases marked with colors to train your cat in natural way.

The red stage trains your cat to go into the bathroom whenever they need to “go”, and to hop up onto the toilet to do it. The amber stage trains your cat to balance on the toilet seat and go through a hole directly into the water below. Ithe green storage perfects your cat’s balance and trains your cat to “go” without litter. Finally, remove the LITTER KWITTER entirely. Your cat can use the toilet and you can enjoy the benefits of a litter-free home.


Kit, 4 pcs.

Item no.

Item no.: 63011