martec Bio drain cleaner

Fully biodegradable drain cleaner to dissolve dirt plugs and prevent pipe blockages and bad odors! Suitable for all standard household drain pipes.

Special advantages
  • removes and prevents pipe blockages
  • regular use 1x a month prevents blockages
  • completely biodegradable
  • for approx. 12 applications

Pour approx. 80 ml into the drain in the evening. Allow to work overnight (the ingredients break down fat, grime build-ups and other deposits). In the morning, rinse with hot water. Repeat the application if necessary.


Even larger grime build-ups are dissolved at a higher concentration. Use regularly (approx. once a month). Clean more often pipes that have less of a slope or a slow flow rate. Don’t use with other chemical drain cleaners.

100% biodegradability according to OECD 302 B within 28 days.


1 l

Item no. | Pharmacode

Item no.: 33110
Pharmacode: 6407530