martec Impregnation spray

No chance for water, dirt and traces of road salt. Especially during winter time our shoes and textiles need to perform at their maximum – affected by rain and snow. The highly effective impragnation spray of martec guarantees the perfect protection for the clothes and shoes that you love.

Special advantages
  • creates a very effective protection coat, without affecting the breathability
  • can be used for textiles (also for “TEX”-material), leather, raw leather and suede
  • long-term protection against wather, snow and road salt
  • is sufficient for repeated applications thanks to high-yield 400 ml aerosol spray can

Shake well before use. Tilt spray only slightly when spraying (max. 45°). Test material compatibility in an inconspicuous place. Clean the surfaces to be treated before use. Spray untreated surfaces from approx. 30 cm and allow to dry. After treatment, adhering dust and dirt can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth.


For the impregnation of all kind of textiles, you can also use the martec wash-in impregnation.


400 ml

Item no. | Pharmacode

Item no.: 33200
Pharmacode: 6512126