ORPHEA Moth protection sheets with lavender fragrance

Thanks to the special composition, ORPHEA moth protection sheets protect all textiles (cotton, wool, cashmere, furs, etc.) from moths for a long time and cover your clothes in a pleasant lavender scent.

Special advantages
  • protects textiles from moths for a long time
  • without chemical agents
  • covers clothes in a pleasant scent
  • does not leave stains
  • in closets: one sheet for 2-3 hangers, depending on the desired fragrance strength.
  • in drawers or garment bags: 1-2 sheets depending on size.
  • effective during 3 months

Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

Active ingredient:
Geraniol 5,85 mg/sheet, Lavender oil 18,2 mg/sheet


15 pcs.

Item no. | Pharmacode

Item no.: 43985
Pharmacode: 4772998